When there was a pandemic we...

AlgoRHYTHM! from Home


This year, we were due to tour our interactive dance/science show AlgoRHYTHM! to arts and science festivals in the UK. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to take this show on the road BUT with the help of Arts Council Emergency Funding we have transformed the show into AlgoRHYTHM! from Home:  a free online dance series designed to highlight different types of scientific research through an interactive boogie.

To keep the participatory nature of the show alive, we are reaching out to scientists, arts and science organisations/enthusiasts to suggest scientific processes to be transformed into a dance routine (who might be curious at having a dance themselves)! We want to hear from ANY scientists enthusiasts of all ages, who are curious about turning scientific processes into dance. This can be a written suggestion AND/OR if you already know how you want to step ball change a test-tube tango, send us a movement suggestion! 

These sessions will start Thursday 16 July and run every Thursday 5:45pm till 6:45pm until Thursday 3 September 2020. They will be accessible through zoom and FREE to join. Sessions are aimed at all ages and abilities, but we encourage adults, carers and guardians to use their personal zoom accounts to help us with online safeguarding. 

This project was developed from a commission with the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research (IMSR) based at the  University of Birmingham.

Embrace the Strange Movement Workshop


For the Barber Home series curated by Barber Institute of  Fine Arts, invited LYNNEBEC  to create a surreal Dada-esque movement workshop.  Inspired by Jean (Hans) Arp’s Man Seen by a Flower (1958) the workshop will offer a space to explore our own physicality in the current nonsensical landscape.

Responding to Arp’s working processes, LYNNEBEC will embrace the strange and celebrate chaos by using chance and risk as a choreographing technique. We invite you to join this nurturing space for our bodies, to become comfortable with the idea of change and randomness and encourage growth within ourselves.

This is a free online workshop hosted via ZOOM on Thursday 2nd July at 6pm.

To book your space and receive joining details, please email learning@barber.org.uk at least one hour before the event is due to start.

This event has been tailored for adult participants only (18+)

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