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LYNNEBEC are a multidisciplinary performance company making work for outdoor and unusual spaces. Using physical storytelling, dance and movement, they create interactive stories and adventures that are joyful and empowering.


LYNNEBEC was co-founded by Cat Butler and Jessica Barber in 2018. It was formed on a shared love of movement, physical theatre, devising, and collaboration. They are consistently curious about the ways dance and movement can connect us, challenge our inhibitions and celebrate self expression.

SuperPillars Asssemble 19 (1).jpg


Louisa, Senior, Producer for Birmingham 2022 Festival

LYNNEBEC brought a firm commitment to access and inclusion and an ability to tailor their work to engage audiences and participants of differing backgrounds and experiences. Their belief that everyone can dance, and whatever you bring to the party is enough, is infectious and uplifting.

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