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LYNNEBEC are highly experienced facilitators and producers. Whether it's devising a bespoke workshop for your business, or co-creating with young people and community groups, our approach is always collaborative, inclusive and centred around care.

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WORKSHOPS for everyone.

Our workshops focus on: movement, teaching science through dance, physical theatre and developing ensemble based work. ​ 

In 2020, we were awarded Emergency Arts Council England Funding to create AlgoRHYTHM From Home, an interactive dance and science series that took place on Zoom. This series created a foundation for our workshops where we aim to include: 

- An educational element/learning tool to encourage kinaesthetic learners

- Tools for confidence and mood boosting

- Suitable for all abilities, ensuring we adapt for disabled and non-disabled audiences

Our process can be used across a range of audiences and ages including children, young people, adult learners and community groups. 

Participant Feedback

"Made me feel really comfortable in just letting go and enjoying it (and I’m not a natural
dancer)! It felt like a really safe space.”

“Fun, active, totally different.” 

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Whether it's developing ideas for an event, workshop or long term project, LYNNEBEC's approach is led by collaboration and care. Over the last five years, LYNNEBEC have responded to a variety of research and academic stimuli to create highly engaging events for cross-generational audiences and to better engage communities in innovative science and research.

Our commissioners have included the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, University of Birmingham Public Engagement, Oxford Brookes University and West Midlands Museum Development

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We believe everyone can dance and everyone can be creative, so it made sense to expand our workshop offering for businesses.

In October 2023, LYNNEBEC were invited by Margetts Fund Management to lead a workshop for their board away day that encouraged team building, cohesion and reignite collective creativity.


Dr Angela Taylor, Scientists at IMSR

Our dancers for these performances were all scientists (14 from the University of Birmingham), none of which were trained in dance. The teaching of the dance via LYNNEBEC was excellent, took into accounts the varying dance abilities of the performers and produced a polished highly professional performance. Leaving all our performers keen to do more.


LYNNEBEC are huge advocates for personal and professional development and have always strived to include training, internship and mentoring opportunities into our projects. 


Since forming in 2018, LYNNEBEC have hosted: 


Stage Manager Internship (supported by UoB): Elliot Mitchell 

Project Assistant (supported by UoB): Amelia Brookes 

Asssitant Producer Placement (supported by UoB): Emily Storme

Junior Producer for Athlete Welcome Ceremonies (support by Birmingham 2022) - Ro Carter 

Artist Mentoring - Benita Umurerwa

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