Whether it's developing ideas for events, workshops or long term projects LYNNEBEC's approach is lead by creativity and collaboration.

LYNNEBEC work to share knowledge and insight with academic staff on how best to reframe their research to reach a wider audience and create innovative science and arts collaborations.

Our partners have included The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, The Lapworth Museum of Geology, IMSR (Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research), and the University of Birmingham Public Engagement, Oxford Brookes University. 

Jon Clatworthy, Director of The Lapworth Museum of Geology

"LYNNEBEC’s approach to the project was fantastic, and the entire Lapworth Museum team found them an absolute pleasure to work with. Jess and Cat of LYNNEBEC were very careful to gauge the requirements and expectations of the Lapworth for the project [they]... communicated very effectively with the Lapworth Team, from planning right through to delivery and evaluation.


Fun and energetic, our workshops tap into LYNNEBEC's unique theatrical movement style. Focusing on ensemble work, improvisation, acrobatic ways of supporting and using weight in duets and groups, you will be encouraged to use your creativity and find your own movement style. 

  • Suitable for all ages & levels

  • Minimum number of participants: 6

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We specialise in dance, theatre and physical theatre workshops and developing ensemble based work. 

We carefully devise projects for people of all ages and abilities and offer a number of ways to learn and get involved, including workshops, masterclasses, and public engagement consultation. 

If you would like to book a workshop or discuss a bespoke idea, get in touch with Jess and Cat on



"LYNNEBEC were a joy to work with, full of creative ideas and amazing dance concepts taking the core science and adapting this for a lay audience. Audience feedback was exceptional with all of the people we surveyed wanting to see more."

Dr Angela Taylor - Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research 


AlgoRHYTHM! Pilot is an educational, interactive performance, using dance and theatre to bring to life analytical chemistry & steroid mass spectrometry for older children & their families.


Framed within they style of an 80's style wrestling match, the audience enters the ring as a heavyweight competitor vs... the Algorithm. Audiences watched 3 almost identical dance routines 'test samples' and had to diagnose the patient correctly to beat the Algorithm.  

The performers were made up of the female scientists who work in this area of scientific diagnosis. They had little to no dance experience before the performance. LYNNEBEC worked with them over a period of 8 weeks to develop the performance, boost their confidence and familiarity with dance. 

AlgoRHYTHM! was commissioned by the Institute for Systems & Metabolism Research (IMSR) to form part of the annual BBC airing of the RSI Christmas Science Lecture series. It was performed in the Bramall Building (UoB) and Thinktank Science Museum, December 2019. The show reached over 200 people respectively and was well received by audiences. It tackled outdated gender stereotypes in science and little known research of steroids, mass spectrometry and cancer diagnosis.  



IMSR (Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research)

University of Birmingham



Arts Council England

Society for Endocrinology (SfE)

University of Birmingham



Scientists from the IMSR Dept


Photography Credits:

Jon Mueller


Rachel Bunce (RB Films)


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Strap on your goggles, and your volcano walking boots as we explore the science of rock cycles! This interactive dance and science workshop can beam straight to your living room; using an epic dance routine you’ll learn how those rockin’ rocks actually roll.    

  • Suitable for ages 7-12 and all levels  

  • Minimum number of participants: 6

  • KS3 science

  • Accessible to deaf and visually impaired participants 

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Is an interactive online dance workshop that turns science into a powerfully positive,

dance adventure.


Join charismatic sailors and science fanatics Captain Jolly and Roger for a dance workshop inspired by Coccolithophores and how this
amazing algae can help us in the battle with climate change.

  • Suitable for ages 7-12 and all levels  

  • Minimum number of participants: 6

  • Accessible to deaf and visually impaired participants 

"I liked that the children were learning and dancing (having fun) at the same time. Also getting some healthy exercise in too!"

Audience Member

Both workshops were created in collaboration with Dr. Mariem Saavedra from University of Birmingham and Dr. Sarah Boazmen from UCL and Natural history Museum. 

If you would like to book a workshop or discuss a bespoke idea, get in touch with Jess and Cat on