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[Redacted] Night Tour



Seemingly just another event in the string of light-hearted Halloween activities, [Redacted] Night Tour looks to be just another after-hours adventure around the museum. As the tour gets underway, it quickly becomes clear there’s something amiss at the Lapworth. Combining all the twists and turns of a psychological thriller, [Redacted] Night Tour is guaranteed to push both the nerve and imagination of the audience to their limits, whilst discovering the delights of the Lapworth Museum.


[Redacted] Night Tour was our first Arts Council supported project. It led 200 audience members around hidden exhibitions, blending interlocking narratives, fact, fiction and physical theatre in a psychological thriller. 


The project was created through the incredible and generous support of the Lapworth Musuem and University staff and a 20 strong team including visual artists, choreographers, dancers, actors, writers and volunteers. 

This was created and performed in October 2019.


Set Design/Visual Artist

Laurie Ramsell 

Composer/Sound Artist:

Dan Cipicco

Videography & Photography:

Alex Earle (alexURL) 

Production Manager:

Elliott Mitchell 


Emily Elwell Deighton 

Performers/Devisors (Live)

Sullivan Holderbach 

Robert Hemming

Sipho Ndlovu 

Eleanor Rattenbury

Performers (Video Trailers)

Jack Davies 

Emma Phelan


Jake Adderly, Mariem Saavedra, Jazz Collins, Becky Pringle, James Blake-Butler, Francesca Hayman, Romy Ashmore-Hills, Misha Mah, Harriet Butler, Patrick McCool 

With Thanks to:

Jon Clatworthy, Lizzy Goodger, Aerona Moore, Sarah Jane Watkinson, Georgie Thomas 

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