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Ink & Strike

LYNNEBEC along with 10 other emerging artists and 3 guest practitioners worked together over a 3-week residency to create a site-specific performance. In the final week, each artist created 1 or 2 short pieces inspired by the space.These pieces were linked through a promenade performance.



Strike was inspired by the working men’s social club (in the upstairs of the Loco Club) where workers would come to play a game of skittles.  With the audience sat in traverse, the piece took form in a game of skittles in the 80’s, with union workers as the skittles and the players as Maggie Thatcher, all to the soundtrack of the Village People’s YMCA.  


As the game goes on, the union workers relentlessly get knocked down and back up again, the Right keep scoring cheated points and so the piece ended with the union workers striking. 


In the ash pit tunnels, where the trains carry letters, cargo, people into Bristol, we explored the untold stories of the space, the unseen moments and the lost letters. 

Centring around the lost letter of a lovers affair, the piece interjected moments of still life in the station and the Bristol riots in 1831. The narrative was pre-recorded and projected through 2 speakers, whilst two performers in white boxer shorts and vests, danced (with acrobatic moments), the love affair in the letters. 


Above them, a postal bag/hessian sack dripped blue ink onto the bodies of performers and the letters that the performers slowly pulled out of the crannies of the space. 



SpaceCraft Residency at the 

Loco Klub/ Bristol Tunnels

September 2018

Practitioners involved:

Invisible Circus

Sarah Fielding

Adam Peck
Impermanence Dance 

University of Bath Music Department

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