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Whether it's a performance, a question about public engagement, a commission idea, movement consultation, a workshop that interests you, LYNNEBEC can work with you. Take a look at some examples below. 

Public Engagement Workshops & Outreach Consultation


LYNNEBEC have a strong portfolio of public engagement work, creating ambitious outreach events for a range of audiences. 

Projects have included: 

Taste Tapestry



PER Wokrshops

Ikon Movement Workshop

AlgoRHYTHM! (live)

AlgoRHYTHM From Home 

These events have responded to a variety of research or academic stimuli, and have been tailored to creatively engage cross-generational audiences, new audiences, young audiences, and diverse audiences or encourage existing audiences to reimagine a space. These live events have been well attended with each of the performances welcoming up to 200 attendees. 


Our partners have included The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, The Lapworth Museum of Geology, IMSR (Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research), and the University of Birmingham and their Public Engagement team.

We can provide workshops for Public Engagement and Science Organisations to help reframe your research within a creative and tangible viewpoint to contribute towards meaningful engagement and create innovative science and arts collaborations.


Jon Clatworthy, Director of The Lapworth Museum of Geology

"LYNNEBEC’s approach to the project was fantastic, and the entire Lapworth Museum team found them an absolute pleasure to work with. Jess and Cat of LYNNEBEC were very careful to gauge the requirements and expectations of the Lapworth for the project, the care required when working in the Museum’s galleries, stores and archive, and in terms of what the Lapworth’s audience would want. This considerate approach for the Lapworth team, its audience, and the heritage environment in which the performances took place was always present. LYNNEBEC also communicated very effectively with the Lapworth Team, from planning right through to delivery and evaluation.

The incredibly well thought out promotional/marketing videos were very successful... The performances were incredibly well received by the various audiences over the various evenings. People noted that it was a unique and inspiring experience, which generally exceeded their expectations, and kept people engaged throughout the sessions.

Many people attending the events were new to the Lapworth Museum and people have since returned because of their experience of the [Redacted] Project.

I have no hesitation in recommending LYNNEBEC, who were incredibly easy to work with, have incredible pride in their work, and the way they deliver their unique projects. This was an incredibly successful project from the Lapworth Museum’s point and view".

Dr Angela Taylor - Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research

"LYNNEBEC were a joy to work with, full of creative ideas and amazing dance concepts taking the core science and adapting this for a lay audience. Audience feedback was exceptional with all of the people we surveyed wanting to see more. 

Our dancers for these performances were all scientists (14 from the University of Birmingham), none of which were trained in dance. The teaching of the dance via LYNNEBEC was excellent, taking into accounts the varying dance abilities of the performers and produced a polished highly professional performance. Leaving all our performers keen to do more. 

Through LYNNEBEC's drive, enthusiasm and commitment to this project we have together produced a hybrid science and dance performance that we are proud of. We look forward to their continued collaboration expanding AlgoRHYTHM to reach new audiences and support their applications for funding to achieve this."





Looking for two cool cats with an infectious energy to host or compere an opening, party or celebration? We got you covered. Cat and Jess bring a wealth of hosting experience, audience interaction, curated playlists, props, fabulous costumes, and heaps of energy to any event. 

LYNNEBEC's infectious duo have got them gigs from weddings to  a walkaround act for the Royal Shakespeare Company's 'Boy In the Dress'. We love a brief so if you have something in mind let us know. 


PILOT Nights got in touch with LYNNEBEC to host their 5 year celebration opening event in January 2019. We were responsible for creating a theme for the party, creating interesting ways of getting feedback, artist liaison, curating the disco playlist afterwards, and supporting the core team choose the line-up.  

Drew on the inspiration of surreal kids party, pass the parcel, shimmer curtain and a Crazy P remix of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s ‘World of Imagination’. We even got the audience doing a bit of improvised silliness. 

Videography: Rachel Bunce (RB Films)




LYNNEBEC can offer workshops in devising with an ensemble, movement and creating for site-specific/found spaces. Our workshop-style is joyful and energetic, it aims to leave participants feeling empowered and connected. We pride ourselves on creating workshops for all ages and abilities, we are always open to collaborations whatever the idea. 

So far, we have provided workshops for the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, The JMK Trust and Ikon Gallery.

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