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Epicene was our first piece together. We are still working it out, or it’s still working us out. 


Either way, we settled on it exploring, the breath and celebrating connectivity. On average, the human attention span lasts approximately 8 seconds, we sometimes forget that our bodies will just keep living for us – almost without us. Knotting together ambitious movement, circus, blindfolds, sound and film, we enlisted the help of Oxford-based sound artist Harriet Butler to explore the possibilities of sound and movement. Epicene was an open, playful exploration of how we pay attention to our bodies.


Epicene which was created for De-Stress Festival at Attenborough Arts Centre Gallery, February 2018. We performed it again at Old Joint Stock in March 2018. 




Photography at Old Joint Stock:

Emma Jones 


Photography at Attenborough: 

Matthew Cawrey



Vita Fox

Eleanor Rattenbury

G Sian

Videography & Photography:

Alex Earle (alexURL) 

Stage Management Intern:

Elliott Mitchell 



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