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In an age of touchscreens and wireless, we are able to seek out and retain a wide range of information from powerful search engines and social media. These technological advances work wonders for our medical industry and keep us connected worldwide; but what happens if these new, high-tech systems keep advancing and we can’t keep up? 


deepfake was commissioned as part of the Lapworth Lates, an evening dedicated to artist-led work presented in the museum. Inspired by the brief to portray ‘Monsters’, we decided to explore the perceived monsters of technology in modern culture; A.I, the internet and censorship, and how technology is shaping the way we communicate in contemporary society.


The piece included dance, acrobatics, projection and original music. Storyline highlighted snapshots of social media addiction, artificial intelligence, and our relationship with technology in the 21st century. We used the main exhibition space of the Lapworth Museum of Geology, playing off certain structural and exhibition elements to project and move on throughout the piece.

This was created and performed in November 2018.




Lapworth Museum of Geography

University of Birmingham Public Engagement 

Production Manager:

Elliott Mitchell 


Dan Cippico


Amelia Brookes

Photography Credits:

Greg Milner


Alex Earle (alex URL)


Eleanor Rattenbury 

Chun To Yueng

Satya Baskaran 

Laurs Oakley 

Natalie Losey

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