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Athletes Welcome Ceremonies
A Thousand Welcomes
 for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022



To help provide a warm and uniquely Brummie welcome to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, a special ceremony was performed by local students and Birmingham based theatre professionals as the 6,500 athletes and team officials from the 72 nations and territories arrived at the Birmingham 2022 campus villages across the region. 

LYNNEBEC and students aged between 16 and 18 from BOA Stage & Screen Production, presented ‘A Thousand Welcomes' which created a colourful welcome, to competing athletes and team officials. 

Celebrating Birmingham’s innovation, community and diversity, the welcome ceremonies showcased the city’s heritage of dance and cuisine, as well as share stories that have inspired the people that make Birmingham their home. 

The ceremonies took place at the campus villages and included a welcome speech from the Chef De Mission and raising of the nation or territory’s flag whilst their national anthem is played.


Commissioned by

Birmingham 2022

Co Artistic Directors

 Jessica Barber & Cat Butler

Dramaturg/Outside Eye

Beth Kapila

Creative Collaborator

Vidya Patel

Senior Producer/Critical Friend

Amy Dalton Hardy

Junior Producer
Rodrigo Carter

Access Consultancy

Rachel Liggitt

Production Stage Manager

Elliott Mitchell


Sound Design


Set Design

Eleni Edipidi

Costume Design

Leanne Fitchett

Devisors & Performers

Vidya Patel

 Sohan Kailey

 Robin Dale

Sioda Adams

 Anaya Vasudha Bolar

 Sam Newton

Risha Silvera

Oliver Barker

Rodrigo Carter


Stage and Screen Students from

BOA Stage and Screen Production

Rehearsal Shots of A Thousand Welcomes
A Hundred Thousand Thanks!


That’s a wrap on the Athletes Welcomes Ceremonies! We’re not sure we have the words to summarise the past 9 months but here goes…

This has been the biggest project we’ve ever worked on, it’s the first time we’ve created a show for an international stage, and an audience that consisted of athletes from 72 nations and territories no less! During the pandemic we dreamed of creating outdoor work of this scale and we couldn’t believe it when we were first commissioned. It has pushed us to grow and expand our company at lightning speed with a few wobbly moments along the way, but we are unbelievably proud of ourselves and our teams determination, creativity and support throughout this process.


Together, we created something really special and we could not have done it without these incredibly talented and supportive humans, a hundred thousand thanks to:


Amy Dalton Hardy: Senior Producer and Critical Friend

Elliot Mitchell: Company/Stage Manager

Rodrigo Carter: Junior Producer and Performer

Vidya Patel: Creative Collaborator and Performer

Sioda Adams: Devisor and Performer

Sam Newton: Devisor and Performer

Risha Silvera: Devisor and Performer

Anaya Vasudha Bolar: Devisor and Performer

Oliver Barker: Devisor and Performer

Beth Kapila: Dramaturg and Outside Eye

DEMARAE: Sound Designer

Leanne Fitchett: Costume Designer

Eleni Edipidi: Set Designer

Rachel Liggitt: Access Consultant

Zoie Golding: Outdoor Arts Consultant

BROADEN: Documentation

BOA Stage and Screen Production Academy (with a special shout out to the amazing students and acting teacher Keely Wright)!

Louisa and Claire at #B2022 - thank you for trusting us with this very special task


Finally, a huge shout out to all the cheerleaders, funders, volunteers and organisations who have supported LYNNEBEC along the way, we are so grateful and so excited for whatever the future holds.

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