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Available for Summer 2023!
The Dancetronauts



The Dancetronauts are intergalactic travellers that know how to throw a party! When they’re not exploring new planets, they’re discovering hidden dance floors that have never been danced on before by humankind. They need new recruits to help them discover the greatest party of all time!


An interactive dance workshop fuelled by positive disco energy. By the end of the experience the audience have become fully qualified Dancetronauts, danced an epic routine set to a thumping space disco soundtrack, and their “own special dance moves unique to you”!

The Dancetronauts are pop-up, walkabout, fun, designed to be self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable.


Created & Performed by

 Jessica Barber & Catherine Butler (LYNNEBEC)


Helmet Creation

Ebrahim Nazier

Producing Support 

Amy Dalton Hardy


Kate Green

Emma Jones


Performed at

Birmingham International Dance Festival

Kings Heath Summer of Silliness

Palaver Party - Fatt Projects

Strike a Chord Christmas Concert

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