[Redacted] Night Tour


Seemingly just another event in the string of light-hearted Halloween activities, [Redacted] Night Tour looks to be just another after-hours adventure around the museum. As the tour gets underway, it quickly becomes clear there’s something amiss at the Lapworth. Combining all the twists and turns of a psychological thriller, [Redacted] Night Tour is guaranteed to push both the nerve and imagination of the audience to their limits, whilst discovering the delights of the Lapworth Museum.


[Redacted] Night Tour , was our first Arts Council supported project. We created a night tour that moved around the Lapworth Museum and beyond for 200 audience members, (over two nights and split into four different tour groups) around hidden exhibitions, blending interlocking narratives, fact, fiction and physical theatre in a psychological thriller. 


The project was created through the incredible and generous support of a 20 strong team including visual artists, choreographers, dancers, actors, writers and volunteers. 


Performers and Devisors: Eleanor Rattenbury, Robert Hemming, Sipho Ndlovu, Sullivan Holderbach

Actors for Trailers: Jack Davies and Emma Phelan

Intern: Emily Elwell Deighton 

Set Design/Visual Artist: Laurie Ramsell 

Composer/Sound Artist: Dan Cipicco

Videography: Alex Earle (alexURL) 

Production Manager: Elliott Mitchell 

Volunteers: Jake Adderly, Mariem Saavedra, Jazz Collins, Becky Pringle, James Blake-Butler, Francesca Hayman, Romy Ashmore-Hills, Misha Mah, Harriet Butler, Patrick McCool 

With Thanks to: Jon Clatworthy, Lizzy Goodger, Aerona Moore, Sarah Jane Watkinson 

This was created and performed in October 2019.



Epicene was our first piece together. We are still working it out, or it’s still working us out. 


Either way, we settled on it exploring, the breath and celebrating connectivity. On average, the human attention span lasts approximately 8 seconds, we sometimes forget that our bodies will just keep living for us – almost without us. Knotting together ambitious movement, circus, blindfolds, sound and film, we enlisted the help of Oxford-based sound artist Harriet Butler to explore the possibilities of sound and movement. Epicene was an open, playful exploration of how we pay attention to our bodies.

Photography: Old Joint Stock -Emma Jones 

Photography: Attenborough - Matthew Cawrey

Dramaturgy: Vita Fox & Eleanor Rattenbury


Epicene which was created for De-Stress Festival at Attenborough Arts Centre Gallery, February 2018. We performed it again at Old Joint Stock in March 2018. 

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