Rosie Tee EP Launch 


To celebrate the release of Rosie Tee's Chambers EP, there was a launch event on Thursday 28th March 2019. It took place in the unique setting of The Edge, Digbeth.


We were commissioned to open the event with a site-specific premiere that visualised the narrative of Chambers EP through performance. Using Rosie Tee’s lyrics as inspiration for each section of the piece, the choreography moved across the space integrating acrobalance, improvisation and resulted in the audience joining us to dance in the space. This was a collaborative project with local dancers Nathan Lafayette and Hannah Northern who assisted in the choreography and devising of the piece. 


Collaborators: Nathan Lafayette, Hannah Northern

Photography: Jess H Ingram

This was created and performed in March 2019

Migrant Festival IN Birmingham City Centre with Ikon Gallery


The Migrant Festival is a short four day festival hosted by Ikon Gallery to showcase visual art, film, music and performance. 

LYNNEBEC were approached by Ikon Gallery to collaborate with Designer, Osman Yousefzada to perform in a fashion parade through the city centre, featuring his spring/summer collection. LYNNEBEC worked alongside the designer and curatorial team to create a short section of choreography to pause the catwalk throughout different parts of the city. This also featured mask work from Laurie Ramsell who created a large head piece inspired by the Hew Locke Exhibition that led the line of performers through the streets of Birmingham. The procession began at the bottom of the Rotunda and continued along New Street to Centenary Way, Centenary Square, and finally along Broad Street to Ikon.

Performers: Bronagh Wyatt, Eleanor Rattenbury, Jimmy Van Hear, William Jackson, Sophie Barraclough, Hannah Northern, Emma Phelan, Laurs Oakley, Chun To Yeung

Photography: Mark Worrall 

This was created and performed in June 2019.

Pilot Nights @ mac Birmingham


PILOT Nights is a midlands based/focused organisation that runs a work-in-progress event series. PILOT is a chance for contemporary theatre-makers to present up to 20 minutes of new, work-in-progress material, in front of a real live audience and industry peers. Alongside the core team, PILOT Nights invite a host artist to choose the programme, create a theme for the night and host the evening. 


PILOT got in touch with LYNNEBEC to run the new series January 2019. We themed it as a surreal kids party, with feedback forms as pass the parcel, shimmer curtain and a Crazy Penis remix of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s ‘World of Imagination’.

Videography: Rachel Bunce (RB Films)

This was curated and performed in January 2019.

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